Do you have to use PayPal for payments?

Yes you have to use PayPal as it manages our automatic monthly charges. During payment, you have the option to skip creating a PayPal account and to pay directly with a credit card as well. We do recommend creating a PayPal account when you checkout to make payment if you don’t have an account already....

Do you have automatic monthly payments?

Yes, when you sign up for service, automatic payments are setup with your payment method. We use PayPal to manage this part of the sign up process. If you cancel your automatic payments to us in PayPal it will automatically cancel your service with us.

How do I update my payment method?

Steps to update your Paypal payment method. Login to PayPal at the following link: Click on “MobileData2go” then you should see the “Payment Method”, then just edit it to the correct payment account. Be careful not to cancel the auto payment or it will trigger a cancellation of your internet service on our system.